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How Advanced Technological Solutions Can Work For Your Fleet

Did you know you can use technology to improve both efficiencies and operational effectiveness? There are just far too many advanced technological ways for you to be managing your operation for you not to be taking advantage of them.

Today, we are going to dive deeper into how to streamline your company’s workflows. And we have one word for you: Simple. All you need to do is reduce the number of manual processes you rely on. But how do you accomplish that?

Technological Efficiencies

As a business owner or fleet manager, there are a number of things you are responsible for. Face it, you wear many different hats. When you don’t have to spend time tracking down who is in what tractor, you have more time to focus on managing the overall operation.

As technology evolves, whether or not you succeed can have a direct impact on what other parts of your company are able to get done. Your decisions trickle on down the line, from the shop to the back office. Today, new fleet management technologies allow you to connect yourself with those in the field as well as your HR, safety and accounting departments.

Some integrated software solutions allow you to identify specific areas where workflow efficiencies are below standard. Integrated solutions allow you to cut out all the time you spend on paperwork and other manual processes.

You can also use these types of systems to find potential cost savings within other departments. Better relationships and more integrated approaches to common problems are the results. All of this has a direct impact on how you interact with your customers. When your stress level is lowered, naturally you are more adept at handling your operations, resulting in fewer errors.

Fuel Cards and Routing

Are you utilizing a fuel card program with integrated GPS tracking? These types of systems allow fleets to monitor where and when a truck driver makes a purchase. You can even limit their spending or create specific categories. No more credit card receipts and time wasted tracking down billing inconsistencies.

This frees up your back office from having to manage tedious data tasks; indeed, this data can now be tracked through the software itself. This also frees up your truck drivers to spend less time filling out forms or keeping track of receipts. That’s freed up time that can be spent handling customer service matters.

Also consider how you utilize routing. By employing the use of data and logistical analysis, you can ensure the right vehicles are on the right routes. Instead of spending time looking for the right operator at the last minute, you can use GPS tracking and advanced routing software to help you identify, schedule and maintain truck driver operations, thus eliminating unnecessary communication.

Better routing also impacts customer service by ensuring your operator gets to where they are going, each and every time. By pairing GPS tracking with navigation systems, you can manage your route configurations on the go and better allocate your resources.

Asset Tracking and Maintenance

Are you utilizing technology to handle your asset tracking and maintenance needs? Today you can increase your efficiencies by pinpointing asset locations, scheduling movement alerts and eliminating time locating equipment.

Consider also the impact on cargo theft. When you are able to precisely keep track of where your assets are, you are better prepared to prevent theft or loss.

Also consider your maintenance efforts. You want to ensure your vehicles maintain as much up-time as possible. Advanced fleet management provides you with real-time data you can use to schedule preventative maintenance on more accurate timeframes.

This way, you can reduce any downtime, get alerted when issues arise and get a good idea of when you may need to replace your equipment. Utilizing engine monitoring systems can provide you with the alerts you need the moment you need them.

So as you consider the different ways to improve your fleet’s efficiencies, ask yourself if you are utilizing technology to its fullest extent.

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