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Gifts for Truckers this Holiday Season

Truck drivers can be tough to buy gifts for because of the limited amount of space in their trucks. Practical gifts tend to be the best, but finding the right practical gift for the trucker in your life can be challenging. Here are a few practical gift ideas for your favorite truckers.

Trucker’s First Aid Kit

A first aid kit may seem like a boring gift, but truckers may not have access to basic first aid supplies when they need them. A trucker’s first aid kit is a wonderful way to show your favorite trucker how much you care about them and their health. Find a large basket or tote and fill it with first aid items including a splinter remover, a mouth shield for CPR, gauze, antiseptic cream or spray, different sized bandages, medical glue and burn ointment. You can also include over-the-counter medications that you know the trucker will use.

GPS For Trucks

Driving in unfamiliar areas is one of the most stressful parts of being a truck driver. A GPS that is designed for truckers is a great gift for any trucker in your life. GPS units that are designed for trucks generally have information like bridge clearances and weight restrictions. This information will help the trucker avoid going down roads that they shouldn’t travel in a truck. Try to find a GPS for trucks that includes lifetime map updates so the recipient doesn’t have to worry about relying on outdated information or paying large fees to update the maps after six months or a year.

Truck Bed Mattress

A truck sleeper cab bed bunk mattress is a fantastic gift. Getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important to truckers, and a great truck sleeper cab bed bunk mattress will help your trucker get the sleep they need to be healthy and happy on the road. Most trucks are sold with cheap mattresses that can be uncomfortable when they are slept on night after night. If you don’t know for sure which mattress would be most comfortable for the trucker, consider buying them a certificate so they can pick out their own mattress without worrying about the cost.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Drivers spend hours on the road and may not be able to make phone calls when they need to because of cell phone laws. Using a bluetooth for truck drivers allows them to make and receive calls without taking their eyes of the road or having to find a place to pull over. A wireless Bluetooth for truck drivers is usually the best choice, but a gift certificate is also a great option if you aren’t sure which Bluetooth is compatible with your trucker’s phone.

Power Inverter

Most truck drivers have many electronic devices they take with them on the road. Drivers can usually charge their laptop or other device at a truck stop, but they have to stop driving for several hours for their device to be fully charged. A power inverter will allow them to charge their electronics while they are going down the road. They can simply plug the device into the inverter and unplug it when the charge is complete. The driver won’t have to worry about using all of the battery life in their computer when they’re communicating with their family because they can just plug it into the inverter and charge the battery easily.

Portable Safe

Most truck drivers carry a fair amount of valuables with them on the road, especially if they are required to collect money when they deliver their loads. Stopping for a break can be stressful when the driver has to carry all of their valuables with them or worry about them being stolen from their truck. A portable safe is a great option for a truck driver because they can put all of their valuables in the safe and have access to them whenever they need it, without having to worry about someone else gaining access to the money or valuables. Some safes have keys, while others have electronic key codes that must be used to open the safe. Most portable safes are small and can easily be stored under the bunk or in the corner of the sleeper.