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Trucking Logistics – A Great Career Choice in the Transportation Industry

As long as transportation existed, logistic was a necessary tool. What goes where was the key question for any transportation operation, no matter if it included ox carts with a villager following road signs or newest long haul trucks equipped with GPS and other contemporary navigation methods. But somehow, the logistic part of the transportation often gets the back seat when we imagine this business. At best, we will picture a person in the office making calls and forwarding them to drivers in the field, doing work that is similar to an old fashion telephone switchboard operator. At worst, we might imagine a guy in some crummy basement organizing shifts for his drivers and doing next to nothing.

But, the reality is quite different. The logistics of every operation in the world are becoming more and more important. Trucking logistics may just be one of those professional fields that will experience a phenomenal growth in the years to come, and it will produce new job openings and bigger incomes.

In today’s world, a business that is run efficiently is a business that survives and thrives. The days of cheap fuel are long gone, and the future brings the prospect of a similar trend; energy that is needed for transport will become more expensive, and automatically the costs of trucking companies will rise. Now imagine a logistic officer in charge of a team that is able to streamline trucking routs and bring a decrease in fuel consumption for, let’s say, 5% on a monthly base. This meager 5% could pay the salaries for the entire team and still save extra money for the business. In this scenario, a top-notch logistic team is not an added bonus; it’s an indispensable part of the operation. Also, have in mind that lower fuel consumption means a smaller carbon footprint, which in turn means good news for the environment and the wider community.

And this is not some distant future. Countries like Germany, where significant public and corporate awareness of environmental issues, combined with a great appreciation of efficiency already gave rise to a big number of logistics companies. These small businesses, usually operated by a single digit group of people get hired as consultants for other, bigger companies that want a more productive transportation process. With the modern communication technologies like GPS tracking, computer models of traffic congestion and road accessibility predictions, the job of trucking logistics becomes a very desirable option for a stable employment in the transportation industry.

The best thing about this job opportunity is the fact that great logistics require not only a solid education, but more importantly, a dedicated and analytically oriented mind. This work asks for patience and the ability to follow leads and see where they take you. Trucking logistics may involve interviewing the drives to understand their habits and get their opinions, or it may include long hours of checking traffic information and then testing different models to find those that will give the best results. In any case, trucking logistics demands dedication and hard work.

If you are ready to give exactly that, think about a career in trucking logistics. It may be the perfect job in the trucking business of the future.

Role of Trucking Industry to Growth of the Economy

18-Wheelers or semis as they are frequently called are one of the most common and hard to miss sights on the roads. These vehicles are vital to the economy as they facilitate the transport of various commodities from the point of production to the point of consumption. They contribute to the well being of different sectors of the economy that rely heavily on them. They are also convenient for the transportation of goods as they move over land. This means they can make many stops on a route, thus can deliver to more than one destination.

The manufacturing industry depends on trucking as this is mostly the method by which raw materials are transported to the factories for conversion to finished or semi-finished products. Trucking is the easiest way to get the materials where they are required, as it is convenient due to the use of roads. The trailers used are very spacious, so a lot of material can be transported at the same time. The finished products are also transported to the consumers by trucks. This industry would thus be crippled without trucking services.

The construction industry also depends on trucking for its sustenance. Dump trucks and portable concrete mixers are some of the essential construction site equipment. They are necessary for the movement of dirt, concrete and other building material. If there were no trucks to use for these purposes, it would be very cumbersome to work at a construction site as these tasks would have to be done manually, which would not only be time consuming, but also very laborious. The construction process would cost a lot if this was the case, which would be very discouraging and thus detrimental to the industry. Trucks have made the construction process easier and more enjoyable for both the workers and their employers.

The warehousing industry has also benefited immensely from trucking. Warehouses are used to store goods that are awaiting transportation to the wholesale or retail outlets. Due to the availability of trucks for transportation, warehouses can be constructed anywhere that is accessible by trucks as transportation is no longer an issue. This is especially so for non-perishable goods or goods with a long shelf life that would be fine even when transported over great distances. The industry has gained because more warehouses can be built for storage without the fear that there will be no means to transport the products when it is time to do so.

The transportation industry is the other sector affected positively by trucking. The generation of revenue, creation of employment opportunities, and movement of goods are part of how trucking is important to the transportation sector of the economy. The employment opportunities created by trucking include those for people who manufacture and sell the trucks, those who drive them and the mechanics who perform check-up services on the trucks. The people who load goods on to the trucks also gain employment because of the trucking industry.

The trucking industry is therefore very fundamental to the growth of the economy as it helps in building up different sectors that are imperative to the development of the economy of the country.