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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Shipping Company

What do you need to know when comparing car shipping companies? For one, you should do your research and compare customer reviews. Your research should also include shipping companies’ rates, availability, and ease of use.

To make the process a little easier, below are five important factors to consider when researching car shipping companies.

1. Availability 

When shipping your car, you should book your moving van and car shipping companies as soon as you know the destination. If you book early enough, you shouldn’t have trouble with adjustments. However, trying to get a company to ship your vehicle at the last minute can be expensive.

Once you know your destination and moving dates, book your auto shipping company first. Doing so will get you locked into the best deals and ensure you have nothing to worry about as your move gets closer.

Remember that services and prices change throughout the year and, depending on destination and transport type, you could be looking at a steep price increase if you don’t book early.

2. Convenience            

You should make sure you know ahead of time what kind of service you are paying for and what kind of service each company offers.

There is door-to-door service, which is typically the most expensive but is also the easiest to deal with. Door-to-door service usually includes the transport company picking up your vehicle from your old home and delivering it to your new home. All you do is hand them the keys.

Otherwise, you will meet the carrier at an approved location and pick up your car yourself. This is called terminal-to-terminal shipping. Picking up your vehicle sounds only slightly more inconvenient than having it dropped off. However, depending on your moving destination, you may not know the area or have trouble finding the shipping terminal.

3. Cost

Price is absolutely a factor in shipping your car, but it may not be the most important. Shipping costs are going to fluctuate depending on several factors such as:

•           Weather

•           Road conditions

•           Fuel costs

•           Distance

•           Open or enclosed transport

•           Time of year

It’s vital to book your car shipping company as soon as possible to avoid a lot of last-minute fees. Factors like distance and time of year can be controlled. The same can’t be said about fuel prices and weather. The more you know about your moving situation and the earlier you book your auto shipping company, the more likely you are to lock in special pricing and discounts.

If you get a good enough deal on the front end, other fees that crop up will not look so devastatingly expensive. You may also get a discounted or cheaper rate for transferring more than one vehicle at a time.

4. Transport type

Most car shipping companies offer both open-air and enclosed transport. Open-air transport just means the vehicle will be exposed to the elements while on the trailer. This is how most of us envision shipping a car because we see those trailers all the time on the road. There is nothing wrong with open transport, though it’s true there is a higher chance for accidental damage.

Enclosed transport means a covered or enclosed space for your vehicle, such as a covered trailer. Enclosed transport will be more expensive. If you’re looking to save money, reserve this type of shipping for your classic cars, convertibles, supercars, and other vehicles that may have adverse reactions to being out in the weather for long periods or are more susceptible to road damage.

If you’re just moving your family car, truck, or van, however, open transport should be fine and will save you a bundle. Don’t forget to add insurance (and check the company’s policies) because things happen even in the most careful circumstances.

5. Reviews

Consider what other customers have to say about your auto shipping options. These Easy Auto Ship reviews are among the best. You want transparent communications, fast and friendly service, and, most of all, complete, safe, and efficient vehicle removal and relocation.

Look for specifics in the reviews, such as hidden fees, convenience, and driver friendliness, to name a few. Check to see if the companies have frequent or returning customers like military families and business dealers and see what they have to say. Never go with a company that doesn’t have registration and insurance, no matter how cheaply it promises to move your car.

See what others have to say about their professionalism, prices, and proper vehicle treatment and avoid any companies that sound ‘too good to be true.’ Chances are, they are exactly that. All companies have unhappy customers but check to see how the company deals with unsatisfied clients. Again, you’re looking for transparent business dealings, friendly personnel, and upfront pricing structures.

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