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Does Social Media Increase the Effectiveness of Online Load Boards?

It’s no secret that most truck drivers love social media. Social networking sites are a wonderful way for drivers to stay connected to family and friends while they haul loads across the country. Load boards are also embracing social media to connect shippers and carriers and get loads delivered more efficiently.Some trucking companies use online boards to find loads for their drivers to haul, and a growing number of owner-operators are also finding that social media sites are more effective than freight brokers at keeping their truck moving down the road. Social media allows truckers to look in one place to find as many available loads as possible. This greatly reduces the amount of miles the truck is driven empty as well as the amount of hours the driver sits waiting for their next load to be dispatched.

How it Works?

Many Internet-based load boards are now incorporating social networking to encourage freight brokers and shippers to communicate with carriers in a secure, trusted network. These sites combine the ease of communication of social networking sites with the latest freight technology into a marketplace for freight with many features that benefit both the shipper and the trucker.

Just like Facebook and LinkedIn, brokers and carriers are encouraged to add carriers to their list of preferred contacts to create their own personal network. There are many tools available to assist with shipment tracking, pay tracking, carrier compliance, document transfer, load lists and more. The platform is secure, and the whole process is more efficient than traditional boards where loads are posted. Some load marketplaces are public, while others are private and require an invitation to view the postings.

Freight Brokers

Brokers and companies who post loads to be shipped can choose to make each load available to everyone or a select group they have chosen. This allows brokers to push loads toward a certain group of carriers who have hauled loads for them successfully in the past if they choose instead of having to rely on whoever responds to their posting on a public board.


Carriers who are part of a trusted group have the ability to dispatch themselves if they accept the price that is being offered to haul a particular load. They can also bid on loads in an auction format. Brokers generally approve the carrier selection before the load can be picked up.


One of the biggest advantages of using social media to post and track loads is that virtually the entire process of dispatching and tracking the load can be done on a smartphone using the latest technology. Having a smartphone is almost a requirement in trucking these days, and apps are available to streamline the load management process. Some apps have even incorporated GPS so the load can be tracked in real-time.

Social media is transforming the way that trucking companies do business. What started out as postings on bulletin boards in truck stops has evolved to a handheld system of instant communication. Embracing social media goes a long way toward helping trucking companies and shippers take their companies to the next level.


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