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Five Aspects of Trucking Logistics

When it comes to trucking, this specific and sui generis delicate type of business, you can expect that its managing needs are satisfied of the same operations and processes like other business, but shaped through its own prism. One of these essential processes is trucking logistic, which deals with the planning of trucking activity and the research of trucking operations. While the manufacturing businesses expect from their logistics departments to optimize a certain product to perfection and meet all the needs of the customers, the trucking logistics has other responsibilities and features. In short, it is all about analyzing and taking into consideration every single factor that is involved in the transportation of goods so that the process can be improved and optimized to the highest possible level. You can find out more about the main aspects of logistics for trucking companies below.

Routes Planning

The best way to cut on unnecessary expenses and to increase the speed of delivery is to choose the most appropriate routes for a particular task. ‘The most appropriate’, however, does not usually mean the shortest or the fastest. Sometimes the essence of the cargo requires using routes that are slower and longer, but safer. It is important to take into consideration the road conditions, the traffic, the weather etc. when planning the route – it is no use reaching the final destination earlier if the 10,000 wine glasses you are transporting have turned into salt. On the other hand, when there is no risk for the cargo, it is far better taking a route that is 70 miles shorter and saving time and fuel than going the long route just because you haven’t spent some time researching and planning. And yet, if this particular route is dangerous during bad weather and a storm is forming out, better take the long one… Hopefully, these simple examples have given you the idea about the complexity of routes planning and its relation to trucking logistics.

Fuel Selection

Another way to optimize your expenses and improve your company’s productivity is the proper selection of fuels. A company that employs advanced trucking logistics is bound to follow the market trends with regards to fuels and make sure its trucks use the best option. Again, the cheapest does not mean the best, because with fuels there are other factors, too. For example, cheaper fuel may last for less miles, which would make it more expensive in the long run. Moreover, it is a duty of every modern company to employ and promote sustainability and to be ‘green’, which means that sometimes you will want to go for the more expensive fuel that is less dangerous for the environment. Just like with the routes planning, there are various factors to be taken in consideration when choosing the right fuel and cost is only one of them.

Trucks-Cargo Matching

Another aspect of logistics for trucking companies is the ability to select the right trucks for a given task. Choosing appropriately is bound to improve productivity and help company management by lowering fuel expenses, increasing availability and optimizing speed. Of course, a logical solution for a small task would be a small truck, but the case may be different if you find large cargo for the way back – then sending a big truck would be, of course, wiser. Matching the right truck with the cargo can be very tricky because it depends on a lot of variables, but with a really good logistics teams and some luck everything is bound to go well.

Hiring Employees

Of course, the backbone of every trucking company are the drivers, but still, the management, the accountants, the logistics team and the administration are all vital for the success of the business. That’s why a trucking company should pay careful attention when hiring new staffs – both drivers and office employees. Good education, experience and creativity are a must for every trucking business that aims to grow and expand. Sometimes, it may be necessary for a trucking company to start its own trucking school, to train its prospective employees or to organize seminars, workshops and team building session. All this can only contribute to the improved production of the trucking company.

Who Deals with Trucking Logistics?

Usually, there are two options – having your own logistics team or outsourcing this task to third-party logistics companies. The first option – hiring employees that will focus on your trucking company only and will make sure everything is up to the level – is the best idea for big trucking companies that have constant needs of information, analysis, research and optimization. For those who need only basic logistics services, third-party companies would also be a choice. However, make sure you check the terms and conditions before, as you may have to be really patient and allow a couple of days for response, customer services etc. Whichever option you choose, however, make sure you find experienced specialists that are familiar with trucking and the relevant laws – the productivity and efficiency of your trucking company depends pretty much on those who carry out your logistics operations.

To conclude, trucking logistics is not something that should be estimated and done pro forma by the trucking companies. It is a process or a series of processes that will help your business grow and develop, your management to get organised, your trucks schedule to be seamless and your team to always be immaculate. Meanwhile, trucking logistics will help you lower the expenses, thus increasing your revenue. Knowing all this, you would certainly want to have a good logistics team, wouldn’t you?

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