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How to Become a Truck Driver?

There are several ways to become a truck driver. The first thing you have to do is decide that trucking is the right career for you. Online research about the field is helpful, but it is also smart to hang around a truck stop and talk to a few drivers from different companies about their experiences as a driver. You will need to get a commercial drivers license to be a professional driver, and you must have a clean driving record. It is also essential that you have good communication skills, great depth perception and are proficient at reading a map.

Good health is another requirement to be a commercial vehicle driver. You must be able to bend and move easily to be a driver. Commercial truck driving jobs require that you pass a physical under the rules laid out by the Department of Transportation. You cannot be a diabetic who takes insulin, must have good vision and your blood pressure cannot be too high. A drug test, drivers license check and background check are also standard. Most companies don’t require you to have a completely clean record, but there are criminal offenses that will disqualify you from being a commercial driver.

Truck Driving School

Most drivers who are unfamiliar with the trucking industry begin working toward their dream of getting trucking jobs by going to driving school. There are truck driving schools in every state, and each has different requirements for graduation. Most schools take about three months to complete if you attend full-time. The school may require you to obtain your CDL permit before beginning classes, or they may assist you with preparing and studying for the permit test at the beginning of the class. The downside of attending truck driving school is that it tends to be expensive and some companies don’t want to hire someone who has been through school but doesn’t have any actual experience as a truck driver. If you choose to get your CDL through a trucking school, make sure that they are well-respected.

Contact Large Trucking Companies

Many of the largest trucking companies in the industry are passionate about helping people who are interested in trucking jobs meet their goals. They will often hire people who have no experience as a truck driver and train them on the job. This is a great opportunity for both the driver and the company because the company gets to hire people who dream of being drivers and only need training in exchange for a commitment to work for their company. They will help you get your CDL. These companies often require newly trained drivers to work for them for a minimum of six months before transferring to another company if they choose. Drivers who are in training usually receive lower than average wages until they are fully trained and capable of doing the job on their own, but these drivers are usually grateful for the opportunity to learn how to drive a semi truck without having to pay for trade school.

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