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Role of Logistics in Market Orientation

With competition on the rise in logistics sector, it becomes increasingly important to adopt marketing strategies to stay ahead in competition. The major function of logistics firms include transporting goods from one point to the other and effectively managing flow of goods until they reach consumers. In order to ensure that the task of managing flow of products is efficiently accomplished logistics firms develop a marketing plan and focus on the market orientation process. Logistics play an important role in the market orientation process. Before we proceed on this topic, it is important to know the exact meaning of market orientation. Market orientation refers to the process in which a firm largely focuses on recognizing and meeting the needs, wants of customers. Businesses try to fulfill customer’s needs by taking the market oriented approach. This approach is vital for the successes of every business. Logistic firms that are market oriented often succeed. Let us examine the role of logistics in market orientation.

Logistics employees play an important role in building and sustaining a market-oriented organization, as they continue to hold major responsibilities in bringing together people with different functions. They also play a key role in executing supply chain strategies.

Logistics firms need to thoroughly identify their competition from other firms. There can be firms offering similar services and who have similar clients. Identifying firms that are similar to you in competition will help develop marketing strategies. It will also help you take a market oriented approach and bring your logistics firm in the forefront of competition.

Logistics also need to set aside a certain budget, which they think is easily affordable for marketing business.

Logistics companies also need to decide about the mode of advertising their business. They must decide if they want to take a similar approach in conveying their message across the audience as that adopted by their competitors.

Market oriented logistics firms generally identify their customers and ensure that the product is easily delivered to the customers without any difficulty. Their role includes taking orders from customers and ensuring on-time delivery of goods.

Logistics firms need to differentiate their products and services from those of other firms. It is important for the firms to illustrate how well their services can help customers.

Transportation services also need to be well defined. Logistics firms must ensure that they have best transportation services. For a better market oriented approach, logistics firms need to have freight services or opt for solutions like best transportation solutions in UK. Logistics therefore play a key role in market orientation. Marketing and logistics are inter-linked and in order to achieve balance and permanence, it is important for every logistics firm to consider market orientation as an integral part of the organization.

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