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The Best Qualities of Top Trucking Companies

You want to work for a company that values you as an employee, especially in trucking. Read on for the best attributes that top trucking companies possess.

If you’re a trucker, you want to make sure that the company you work for is the best of the best. You’ll be spending a remarkable amount of time on the road. Your company will eventually come to feel more like a family than work group.

It’s important that you work with people you like. Likewise, you’ll want to be around people you can trust when something goes wrong.

But not all trucking companies operate in the same manner. If you’re a trucker, you’ll need to know that whoever you work for will have your back when things get rough.

It can be tough to figure out who really has your best interest at heart and who wants to make a buck off others’ hard work. You want to work for a company that values you as an employee, especially in trucking.

Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind when you look at potential employers. Read on for the best attributes that top trucking companies possess.

Qualities to look for in top trucking companies

They’ll offer help with training and CDL certification: 

Before you can even put your front wheels on the open road, you’ll need to pass your CDL training. If you’re a novice trucker, this can be tougher than finding your first gig.

At most, proper CDL training can cost upward of $7,000. Finding the financing alone can inhibit people from a trucking career.

There’s an old saying that states it costs money to make money. But when certification is so expensive, it’s tempting to consider a new career path.

The training process can be tough! So find the trucking companies that will help you through the CDL process.

The best trucking companies won’t just help you get trained, they’ll pay for it! A quick search will tell you which of the top trucking companies are likely to help cover your training.

It’s going to take a while to become certified. Meanwhile, think of ways to be a resource for the company before you even begin your first haul.

They’re not cheap with gear or repairs:

Your truck will basically become your home. Accordingly, seek out trucking companies that won’t skimp out on repairs when necessary.

There are two key types of trucking companies out there:

  • Company driver (what you’re looking for)
  • Owner/operator

It can be tempting to set forth on the open road on your own. But if you’re an owner/operator, every little repair will have to come out of your own pocket. Be sure to find out who will be responsible for payment when it comes to repairs.

During the interview process, see if the company will let you tour the facility. Get a good idea of the rigs they’re using.

Ask questions like:

  • How often do your trucks need repairs?
  • What is the repair process like?
  • Does the company have a line of backup trucks if repairs take longer than expected?

These questions can help weed out the best trucking companies from those not worth your time.

There are a lot of small details to truck maintenance — make sure your company is taking care of you.

Be smart and be vigilant, the wrong company could put your life at risk.

They’ll watch for weather:

While repairs can be dicey territory, your biggest obstacle will be the environment.

Driving around and getting to see the country is no doubt one of the best aspects of a trucker’s life. While it can be relaxing and even eye-opening, you’ll always need to remain aware of the weather.

What types of weather conditions are you driving into? Is there any severe weather you’ll need to be aware of?

After all, you’re operating a massive piece of machinery capable of tremendous destruction You’ll need to know what to expect.

Having a team that you can trust means having a team that’s looking out for your safety. Trucking companies should always make sure drivers are safe when the weather turns dangerous. You’re the priority, not just the haul.

Your job is to get the haul in on time, their job is to keep you alive. Trucking companies can use a variety of resources to look into weather — many of which are free!

Sure, trucking companies should aim to make the most money. But the absolute best companies will always look out for their employees.

They’ll understand when you need time off:

Life as a trucker can be tough. You’re on the road nearly 24/7, away from friends and family.

Since you’re on the road all the time, you’ll sometimes miss big milestone events. There will be times where you may miss your home and family.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The right trucking company will make sure you have as much family time as possible.

When you look into trucking companies, try and get a sense for the corporate environment.

Is the office friendly? Does it feel isolating?

Work for a company that sees the value of you as a person, not just your value as a hard worker.

If a company places as much importance on you and your family as they do cargo, congratulations! You’ve already struck the difference between work and a proper career.

They’ll want you to make money (and not just want to make money off of you):

Of course, the entire purpose of a business is to make money. But you’ll want to work for trucking companies that see the value in your accomplishment, too.

When you’re a trucker, every single mile counts.

Look for a company that cares about your bottom line, as well as theirs. Look for trucking companies that offer bonuses, pay raises, and other ways to make extra cash. The little things will quickly add up.

Often times, the best trucking companies will offer bonuses for those who go above and beyond.

These can include bonuses for:

  • Extra distance
  • Getting a haul in on time
  • Weight of a load

Believe it or not, trucking is a career with plenty of opportunities to make extra money. Some companies even offer bonuses at the end of each year. Seems pretty tempting, doesn’t it?

You should also ask if they offer any sign-on bonuses. These little incentives are a great way to attract employees. For a list of trucking companies that offer bonuses, check here.

They offer great benefits:

Speaking of fantastic incentives!

Great trucking companies will often offer their truckers a slew of wonderful benefits.

While life on the road can take a toll on your mental health, it can also be rough on your physical health.

Look for companies that offer any and all the following benefits:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription coverage
  • Life insurance (extremely important if you often travel to dangerous areas)
  • Retirement plans

Not only should trucking companies extend these benefits to you, but look for a company that will cover your family as well.

Aside from the bonuses, the benefits can be the best part of signing with one of the big trucking companies.

Many of their employees have been with the company a long time:

Longevity is the top thing to consider when looking into a new career, and trucking is no different. Try and find the trucking companies whose employees have been with them the longest.

You may find your head swimming with questions about pay, benefits, and general travel. But don’t forget to take the time to get a feel for the company itself.

Before or after your interview, take some time to get to know those in the office.

How long have they been with the company? What is the general morale like? Are the higher-ups easily accessible if an issue presents itself?

How a company treats their employees well is just as important as the product they offer. After all, why would you want to waste your time with a company that views you as just another number?

If employees have been with the company for quite some time, that’s a great sign. Generally, it means that a company does a fantastic job of taking care of their truckers.

Longevity is one of the most attractive qualities to look for in a company.

Interviewing for the perfect trucking job can feel a lot like dating. It takes time, patience, and a bit of luck. Therefore, the opinions of your potential coworkers will matter.

Often, if there’s a concern or problem with the company, people will be more than happy to let you know about it.

The life of a trucker isn’t always an easy one. That’s why you deserve nothing less than the best when finding trucking companies that value your work.

Let Quick Transport Solutions be your one-stop-shop for finding the best. We’ve got resources, job boards, and everything you need for the best life on the road.

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