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Tips and Benefits of doing Reverse Logistics efficiently

With the economic downturn taking a toll on most economies around the world, there has been a significant rise in demand for reverse logistics. More and more companies these days are turning towards reverse logistics in order to boost customer satisfaction and minimize costs. Reverse Logistics is gaining immense importance over the past few decades, as it helps organizations minimize costs. Before proceeding on the benefits of reverse logistics to companies, it is vital to know the exact meaning of the term. The process in which products and materials are recycled, maintained, dismantled and repaired, it is known as reverse logistics. As the name suggests, reverse logistics includes products moving in the reverse direction. This means that products and materials move from consumer to producer in the supply chain. Several companies today have acclimatized reverse logistics in a big way. Reverse logistics proves highly beneficial for every organization. Practicing reverse logistics schemes offers substantial benefits to companies. Here are a few benefits of reverse logistics.

•By implementing reverse logistics, companies get an opportunity to recover faulty equipments that are damaged or renewed. This helps firms get back full value of damaged goods.

•The company’s scrap value is got back with the help of reverse logistics, which involves recycling of defective materials.

•Distributors and stockists have a positive approach prior to purchasing stocks from the company. This is because equipments that are unsold and outdated are accumulated back from the original point of sale. This boosts confidence of distributors and stockists, as they are fully aware about returning unused goods.

•Organizations implementing reverse logistics schemes gain immense reputation from the public. Customers view such companies as taking up responsibility and paying great attention to already generated hazardous waste. Such companies come out to be noticeable and lauded for their corporate governance policies.

•Another benefit of implementing reverse logistics services is that it helps in reducing environmental impact to a great extent and improves customer services. Reasons Why Companies Fail to Implement Reverse Logistics Despite its several benefits, most organizations neglect reverse logistics. Organizations consider reverse logistics as a burden to its expenses. However, this is untrue, as there have been some companies that have immensely benefited by adopting reverse logistics strategies. With the help of strategies that include using recycled products, companies were able to make profits. Here are a few reasons for the failure of companies to adhere to reverse logistics.

•Organizations wish to keep away from difficult situations and this is one major reason why organizations don’t accord top priority to reverse costs.

•Due to inadequate manpower, infrastructure and lack of expertise for doling out returns, most organizations fail to establish innovative operating system of returns. It is advisable for organizations to opt for outsourcing services to competent Third Party Logistics organizations (3PLs). These organizations also offer warehousing and distribution services as per your requirement. Reverse logistics is very important for every organization that desires to make immense profits. This can be achieved by recycling and reprocessing products and materials in order to minimize costs.

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