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Truckers See Tremendous Benefits With the St. Christopher Fund

We can only imagine just how hard truck drivers do work in the logistics industry – traveling clear across the country, away from their families, the mental and physical strain, as focused as they are. Without a doubt, that’s why there are so many safety protocols in place when it comes to logistics and distribution. Companies even globally maintain the highest priority, and in particular, here in the United States, that priority is mandated by the government.

It does, however, help even more when there’s an organization out there solely dedicated to the well being of our truck drivers: the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund (SCF) is that charity, benefiting drivers suffering from medical problems and providing a helping hand with finances to ensure they can always provide food on the table for their loved ones when unable to transport the goods of America.

An Overview of the St. Christopher Fund

To be honest, this isn’t a collection of nickels and dimes by any stretch, as there’s great notice to report this figure, especially since we’re just past the holiday of giving, and it pays great homage to what it means to help someone in need, someone so integral to the very fabric of commerce we rely on so much.

The SCF had, in fact, recently announced just before Christmas, the season of giving, that their total in donations has reached a staggering $853,459.35 since 2007. That year was when the organization came to be realized, when someone believed that our truckers out there braving the cold, the wind, and the treacherous roads deserved as much assistance as possible. It’s taken them only seven years to amass that much of a financial fellowship to benefit every driver, every logistics company seeking to provide the very best in benefits for their fleets.

And the best part? That number is still growing astronomically. Forecasts are stating that they’ll hit the $1million mark soon, and that will be a cornerstone day for all drivers, truckers, and distribution experts all over.

Seeing the Figures on What This Means to Truck Drivers All Over

The donation amount won’t just sit there just in case there’s ever need. For families and truck drivers all over the nation, there’s always a need. Therefore, the SCF did show the goods back in 2013, reporting victoriously that they’ve been able to graciously give out a respectable $193,339.13 to all who qualified. It’s like the Habitat for Humanity of the Logistics Division when you think about it.

Just this past December, the organization supported truck drivers and their families clear across America with an even better amount: $316,057.79. Logistics companies no longer, it seems, have to struggle to pay their drivers well for the work they do. They have the help of the SCF in great fashion, and no family missing dad or mom out on the road could ask for more.

It does, in fact, show in what Shannon Currier, operations manager and the director of philanthropy and development, says that in “just one week we have given $20,759.45 to support beneficiaries.” Really look at that number and realize just what that means. That amount in one week practically pays the drivers for what they do. That’s their paychecks. That could support a few fleets, possibly. Not too shabby, and definitely worthy of what the season brings for giving and for the United States.

Learn More About the SCF

The organization is founded as a 501(c)(3), so legitimacy is of the highest prestige. Funding and financial assistance, though, isn’t the organization’s only cause; they also conduct health research to benefit our truck drivers and the industry as a whole, making the jobs safer, easier, and more beneficial for those who matter the most to those on the road:

Their safe return home to their families for a job well done: that is their true reward. The donations and the support help, for sure – but that is what our truck drivers get to look forward to. Given the holiday season has passed, and we’re looking forward to a new year, let’s start out with a resolution to benefit us all: thank you for all the work you do in making sure we have everything we all need in our lives.

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