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Using a Load Board with Free Posting Trucks and Loads

Are you tired of paying to advertise for jobs for your small trucking service? Do you hate the idea of traveling back from your destination with a half-loaded – or worse, an empty – truck? A load board with free posting, trucks and loads, can be your best friend. They’re the ideal answer for trucking companies looking for extra work and shippers with trucking jobs that need more attention than the typical trucker will give them.

Most load boards cater to either truckers or shippers, allowing people to either post loads free or post trucks free, but if you poke around you’ll find a number of load boards with free posting trucks and loads. These load boards attract a wide variety of independent trucking companies as well as individuals and companies that prefer not to deal with the big transport companies. They don’t charge a membership fee or charge you to post your truck availability or to post your job, making it a very cost effective way for truckers and shippers to connect.

Important Things to Know When Using a Load Board with Free Posting Trucks and Loads

If you decide to try out a service that allows you to post loads free and post trucks free, there are a few things you should check before you join.

Is It Really Free?

Many load boards advertise that you can post trucks free or post trucks free, but there may be strings attached. They may charge you a membership fee to join the board or charge a percentage of the fee for shipment as commission. There’s nothing wrong with this practice, but you should know the terms before you post your loads or sign up with the service.

Is There a Matching Service?

Some load boards have a load matching service or search facility that makes it easy for you to match up your trucking jobs with truckers or find loads that need shipping along your route. Being able to search by pickup, destination and type of load makes it much easier to find the jobs that are right for you.

If you’ve been paying a broker to arrange your loads for you, do yourself a favor and try posting your truck on a load board with free posting trucks and loads to see how much you can save. Why pay someone to do for you what you can do for yourself? With a load board, you can control your own trucking without paying a chunk of every job out to a broker.

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