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The Backbone of Our Country: Why the Trucking Industry Matters to the United States Military

One look and research of this organization – the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association, also simply known as the OOIDA – and you may notice that the trucking industry, logistics and distribution, may be much more than just some drivers transporting cargo from point A to B. While that’s important from a corporate aspect, undoubtedly, understand this: America wouldn’t operate well at all without those drivers pulling in the miles.

The semis you see out there on the highway are responsible for getting all our groceries, our fuel, our medicine, our valuables, everything – to where they need to be at the time they need to be there. That’s a huge responsibility, and rightly so; the all-important truck driver represents a career defining the very fabric of America, and that – surprisingly enough – can’t be truer than when you read the recent news about the OOIDA’s initiative to promote military vets as candidates for those careers.

A Look at the OOIDA’s New Campaign for Trucking Jobs for the Military

They’re the other backbone of the country: the United States military. In many ways, they’re the defining backbone of the country, because without them, we wouldn’t have the freedom of commerce, logistics, distribution, trucking companies providing those services to businesses and residents all that they need to maintain their lives.

It was only just this week that the OOIDA announced the nationwide campaign, assisting our returning military veterans in the prospect of finding a rewarding career in logistics. By maintaining the legitimacy and vitality of how America operates, with our entire trucking industry, we’re also serving to repay everything our veterans have done for our country – by offering them these rewarding jobs. There could be nothing better.

“Hiring Our Heroes”

The OOIDA, of course, isn’t alone in this campaign: they have partners, such as QuickTSI’s ‘Truck Driving Jobs’ search engine, a job board designed to help carriers find professional drivers capable of managing services of the highest caliber. In addition, a United States Chamber of Commerce program entitled “Hiring Our Heroes” has already found jobs for nearly 250K veterans already – in a multitude of industries.

It’s a pure triumph that we can add the trucking industry to that list, stimulating the economy and promoting that same driving force propelling the United States into continued success.

Education Is Key

Of course, it’s one thing to be a soldier – to be a truck driver remains on a completely different battlefield, but that’s okay, given the fact that the OOIDA will also provide an online education series designed to instruct veterans on the information they need to become licensed CDL owner-operators, prepared for their new careers after serving in the military. They will learn everything from figuring cost of operations to passing a safety audit – and much more.

Just Another Reason Why the Trucking Industry Matters

As you drive down the highway and see the semis ride, remember this: you might be seeing a veteran behind the wheel. That would be an individual who wasn’t just responsible for defending your way of life, your freedom, your very being – but is also responsible now for ensuring you continue living the way every American should.

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