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Tips to Make Your Freight Forwarding Company Distinct

When it comes to freight forwarding, everyone knows that both speed and efficiency are necessary if you are to run a profitable business. These are not the only necessary aspects of it all. Others include virtues such as reliability and proper customer service. Qualities that would make any client want to do business with a certain firm. The difference between most local firms and many freight forwarding companies is that freight forwarding companies deal with the world as its market place. This means that there are different time zone issues to think about, different taxes, rules, regulations and such and most of all, different languages and cultural scenarios to navigate.

Owning a freight forwarding company can be a very lucrative business, but in today’s free market environment, you need to be the best. You need to stand out from all the other companies that offer the same services. With the advent of online businesses, and technological advances, the world is a much smaller place now. Long gone are the days when people only knew of one brand that catered to a certain specific niche like freight forwarding. Today there are tons of options both on and offline. This means that the competition is fiercer. In order to stand out, you need to do something a little extra. Below are tips  to make your freight forwarding company distinct among competitors.

Be technologically sound

This is one of the main facilitators when it comes to achieving efficiency. You need to employ the most effective, if not the latest, management software available in the market today. There are quite a number of options to choose from. Your choice will depend on the size of your organization, your budget and how tech-savvy you are. Some of the most reviewed logistics software systems include: URoute, JDA Software, AdvanatageTMS, AMT and Epicor. The choices are seemingly endless. But what you need is software that can be customized to your organizations specification and needs. Having the most effective technological power will propel you to the top of the pile in very little time. Technology, when utilized in the right way, means that your company will not only be efficient, it will also be reliable, secure and highly punctual. Which are some of the things that most people look for when going for a freight forwarding company? You do not want to say you have overnight delivery only to take two weeks on the road.

Pristine packing

This is one of the areas that plague most freight forwarding companies. Most of the goods forwarded will most likely be handled by a number of people and machines before they get to their destination. This means that, unless they are packed right, the goods are liable to getting destroyed, scuffed or even lost. With the right kind of packing, you can preserve fragile materials, keep your clients’ privacy as well as make sure that the items get to the intended receiver in the condition that it was originally sent. No one will want to use a company that destroys the goods they intend to ship.

Accurate tracking

When a client ships an item, they need to know how far along in the process it is. This calls for top of the line tracking. Being able to show your clients the progress of their shipment not only elicits trust from them, but it can also go to demonstrating how effective your forwarding company is. You therefore have to employ the most effective and accurate tracking technique at your disposal. The channels and networks should be streamlined so as to provide the client with peace of mind.


You have to be competitive, and you have to stay afloat. These two aspects rarely complement each other without one taking a nose dive. In order to gain a bigger share of the market, your prices have to be pocket friendly. Either that or you have to provide the most outstanding service possible so that people would be happy to pay whatever your asking price is. But the best option is to always find a balance between making a profit and being competitive within the market. You could always employ the best technology and most efficient forwarding methods so as to avoid unnecessary overheads and expenses.

These are just some simple tips that will make your freight forwarding company distinct. It is all about good service delivery and intense customer service.


Roman  writes articles companies providing Supply chain management and distribution services for companies looking to outsource their logistics services.

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